October 22 (October 12, o.s.)

Massachusetts: Governor Phips sends four letters to colonial officials in London, describing the state of various pressing issues in the colony.  In one of them he describes for the first time the witchcraft crisis, mentioning his establishment of the Court of Oyer and Terminer and the conduct of the trials it has conducted.  Although he was present in the colony for almost all of the time during which the court was in session, in his letter he implies that he was away in Maine dealing with matters of defense for most of the time and only realized the extent of controversy about what the court was doing recently.  He states that once he realized the gravity of the situation he “put a stop to the proceedings of the court” by ordering that no new arrests be made except in cases of “unavoidable necessity” and protecting from prosecution any suspect about whom there is any suspicion of innocence.  He concludes by saying that he will await royal instructions before taking any further action.

Mexico/New Mexico: The viceroy, the Conde de Galve, receives Governor Vargas’s letter of June 28 regarding the controversial investigation of priestly conduct being conducted by the Franciscans. He sends it to the royal prosecutor for criminal matters, Juan de Escalante y Mendoza, rather than Benito de Noboa Salgado, the prosecutor for civil matters and the usual recipient of correspondence regarding New Mexico, because Noboa is ill and unable to carry out his usual duties.

New Mexico: Governor Vargas and his troops depart from their camp at the abandoned Pueblo of Cochiti and march to the abandoned hacienda of Cristóbal de Anaya, where they meet the artillery captain and his men, whom Vargas sent ahead the day before.  The reunited expedition camps for the night at the hacienda.

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