October 29 (October 19, o.s.)

Massachusetts: Thomas Brattle, the Boston merchant who wrote a widely circulated letter attacking the Court of Oyer and Terminer on October 8, and Increase Mather, a prominent Boston minister who has become increasingly skeptical recently about the court’s conduct of witchcraft trials (and the father of the strongly pro-court minister Cotton Mather), go to the jail in Salem and talk to some of the women from Andover being held there after confessing to witchcraft.  Although some of the women stand by their confessions, many retract them and say they only confessed after being strongly pressured by the judges.

New Mexico: The muster of redeemed captives ordered by Governor Vargas the previous day is conducted, and once it is complete the captives depart from the reconquest expedition’s campsite at the abandoned hacienda of Mejía, accompanied by the soldiers and Indian allies also returning to El Paso.

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