November 9 (October 30, o.s.)

New Mexico: In the morning Governor Vargas attends a mass conducted by the priests of his expedition, then the expedition departs from its campsite at El Morro despite the continuing bad weather.  The men proceed as far as a water hole called Ojito de Zuni, where Vargas orders a halt.  At around 4:00 pm, a group of men from Zuni Pueblo arrive at the water hole and present themselves to Vargas as representatives of the Zuni people.  Vargas greets them warmly and asks them some questions through an interpreter about their purpose in coming.  They reply that they have come to welcome Vargas, having received the letter he sent with Ventura on November 7, which pleased them greatly.  They give Vargas gifts of mutton, melons, and tortillas, then spend the night at the expedition’s campsite at the water hole.

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  1. […] to go on to the abandoned pueblo to camp, but the messengers from Zuni who arrived at his camp the previous day and are now traveling with him tell him that their people have not yet harvested all the crops from […]

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