November 10 (October 31, o.s.)

New Mexico: Governor Vargas and his expedition leave their campsite at Ojito de Zuni in the morning and march until they can see the mesa on which the people of Zuni have settled after leaving their pueblo.  Vargas wants to go on to the abandoned pueblo to camp, but the messengers from Zuni who arrived at his camp the previous day and are now traveling with him tell him that their people have not yet harvested all the crops from their fields, and that there is not enough firewood around the pueblo for the expedition’s needs, so it would be better to camp out on the plain, where there is plenty of pasture, water, and firewood.  Wishing to maintain good relations with the Zunis, Vargas orders his men to make camp right where they are.  The messengers then return to the mesa, promising to have the path up to the top prepared for Vargas’s arrival.

While the Spanish are camped on the plain overnight, a group of Apaches comes by and, taking advantage of an unexpected storm that hid their presence, captures sixteen of the expedition’s cattle that have wandered away from the rest.

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