November 12 (November 2, o.s.)

New Mexico: The Hopi man accompanying Governor Vargas’s reconquest expedition, which is camped near Zuni Pueblo, comes to the governor to report that he has found another Hopi man at Zuni who reports that, despite receving the message Vargas sent from Jemez Pueblo explaining his good intentions, the Hopis are suspicious and have been warned by the Navajos that the Spanish will kill them and take their wives and children after pretending to make peace.  The Hopis were sufficiently convinced of this that they sent their livestock off to the mountains for protection.

Upon hearing this, Vargas decides to send the two Hopis with another message of reassurance.  He writes a letter explaining once more his intentions and telling the people not to believe the lies of the Navajos, to be delivered specifically to a man named Miguel at Awatovi Pueblo who speaks Spanish and can read and write.  He then gives each of the two men a rosary and a mule, along with enough supplies for the journey, and sends them off.

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