November 13 (November 3, o.s.)

New Mexico: At around 2:00 pm a group of Salinero Apaches arrives at Governor Vargas’s campsite near Zuni Pueblo.  Their leader explains to Vargas through an interpreter that they are friends of the Zunis and have always come in peace to their lands, and that they are very happy at the arrival of the Spanish.  He then embraces Vargas and shakes his hand, and his companions lay down their weapons.  Vargas replies that he will be their friend if they are good.  He then says that to prove their good faith they should hunt down and kill the Faraón Apaches who he suspects stole some of his cattle on the night of November 10.  If they do not, he will not be able to tell which Apaches actually stole the cattle and will have to rely on what the local people say.  The Apache chief, a bit put out by this, pointedly says that he has come to assure the governor of safe passage to Hopi without any trouble from the Apaches on the way.  Vargas responds that he is not afraid of them, and that he has his soldiers with him in case of any trouble.  He then suggests that the Apaches become Christians, if they are indeed, as they say, friends to the Zunis and the Spanish.  The chief is confused by this and only responds that he is not afraid and therefore goes everywhere.  Vargas, exasperated by the apparent uselessness of this meeting, takes his leave and orders his men to give the chief a biscuit and some tobacco as a parting gesture of kindness.

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