November 14 (November 4, o.s.)

New Mexico: Governor Vargas, realizing that most of his expedition’s horses and mules are exhausted and in no state to go on the rough journey to Hopi, orders 25 of his men under the command of Rafael Téllez Girón to take whichever of the animals are most worn out and bring them to the abandoned Zuni Pueblo of Halona, which the Zunis left to take refuge on a mesa near the expedition’s current campsite.  Halona has better pastures than the current campsite, and Vargas figures the animals will be able to recover their strength while he and the remainder of the expedition are away at Hopi.

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  1. […] Girón take the expedition’s exhausted livestock to Halona as indicated in his orders of the previous day, Governor Vargas sets off with his remaining 63 men for Hopi.  They march all day and camp in the […]

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