November 15 (November 5, o.s.)

Massachusetts: James Stevens, William Stevens, and Nathaniel Coit of Gloucester appear before Thomas Wade, Justice of the Peace in Ipswich, and file a complaint against Esther Elwell, Abigail Roe, and Rebecca Dike for bewitching Mrs. Mary Fitch.  Wade promptly issues a warrant for the arrest of the three women, and they are brought to jail in Ipswich to await questioning.

New Mexico: After ensuring that the 25 men under Rafael Téllez Girón take the expedition’s exhausted livestock to Halona as indicated in his orders of the previous day, Governor Vargas sets off with his remaining 63 men for Hopi.  They march all day and camp in the woods without water, since the next watering hole is still very far away.

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  1. […] nothing.  Stevens was one of the three men who filed a complaint against three Gloucester women on November 5 for afflicting […]

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