November 18 (November 8, o.s.)

Massachusetts: James Stevens of Gloucester appears before Thomas Wade and Daniel Eppes, Justices of the Peace in Ipswich, and testifies that he saw Mary Fitch, while she was ill and bedridden, said she saw a woman on her bed and felt that she was being “squeezed to pieces,” but he saw nothing.  Stevens was one of the three men who filed a complaint against three Gloucester women on November 5 for afflicting Fitch.

New Mexico: Governor Vargas and his men leave their campsite at the water hole of Los Chupaderos and march as far as the water hole of Magdalena, arriving after dark.  At Magdalena they find two Hopis from Awatovi Pueblo named Salvador and Sebastián.  The latter says he is the son of Miguel, the literate leader of Awatovi to whom Vargas sent a letter on November 12 explaining his mission.  He says his father waited at Magdalena all day for the Spanish to arrive, but left around sunset after concluding that they weren’t going to show up, charging him and Salvador with remaining there to greet Vargas and his men whenever they did show up.  Vargas is happy to hear this as he makes camp for the night.

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  1. […] and Sebastián, the two Hopis from Awatovi Pueblo who greeted him on his arrival at his campsite the previous night, to Awatovi to inform the people there of his arrival.  He gives each of them a rosary as a sign […]

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