November 20 (November 10, o.s.)

New Mexico: Governor Vargas orders fifty of his men to accompany him on his return to Awatovi Pueblo, with the rest to remain at the campsite guarding the horses.  The fifty are to organize into four files and be alert in the plaza while the priests are active there.  Once these orders are given and received and the men are ready, they proceed to Awatovi.

When they arrive, Vargas enters the plaza with the men following him on horseback.  When they are there, he and the priests dismount and the rest of the men remain mounted.  Vargas orders the people to set up a cross in the plaza, which they do immediately, and the priests stand in front of the cross and grant the people absolution.  They then baptize 122 people of all ages and both sexes.  When the baptisms are complete without incident, Vargas appoints Miguel, the leader of the pueblo, as its governor, and he takes the oath of office.  Miguel then invites Vargas up to his house to eat, and Vargas accepts the invitation and does so.

After the proceedings and festivities are complete, Vargas and his men return to their campsite for the night.

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