November 21 (November 11, o.s.)

Mexico/New Mexico: The Conde de Galve in Mexico City receives the letters sent to him by Governor Vargas on October 16 and by the secular and religious authorities in El Paso on October 23 and 24.  He sends them on to the royal prosecutor, Juan de Escalante y Mendoza, who reads them over and advises that Vargas be congratulated on his impressive victory and that preparations be made for the colonization of the reconquered areas.

New Mexico: In the morning Miguel, the leader of Awatovi Pueblo, which Governor Vargas formally pardoned and reclaimed the previous day, comes to the Spanish campsite near the pueblo and enters Vargas’s tent accompanied by Francisco Corvera, one of the expedition’s priests.  He tells Vargas that he needs to speak to him in private, but that there are a lot of Indians in and around the camp and that he doesn’t want them to see him.  Vargas tells him to come back in the afternoon when there will be no one around.  Miguel agrees to do so, then kneels before Corvera, grasps his hands, and begins crying, saying that the other Hopis will kill him when the Spanish leave and that it is a miracle that they have allowed him to live this long.  Vargas consoles him and reassures him, telling him to come back in the afternoon.

He returns shortly after 4:00 pm and enters Vargas’s tent, where Corvera and the top Spanish officials have gathered along with Vargas to hear what he has to say.  They assure him that no one has seen him enter, and he proceeds to tell them that when he received Vargas’s letter indicating his plans to come to the Hopi country, the leaders of the other Hopi pueblos gathered for a meeting at which they decided that, united, they could surely kill all the Spanish, since they had heard reports that they were few in number.  The main initiative in formulating a plan to do so was taken by Antonio, the leader of Walpi Pueblo, and his son Pedro, leader of Shongopavi Pueblo.  Persuaded by their arguments, the rest of the leaders agreed to the plan, except for Miguel, who argued that this was not right and that the Spanish were only coming to make the Hopis Christian once again, so they should be left in peace.  This angered the other leaders, and relations have been tense ever since.  He therefore asks that the Spanish take him and his family with them when they leave, since otherwise the people of the other pueblos will surely kill them.  Vargas promises to do so, which is a great relief to Miguel.

After Miguel leaves, Vargas and his officials are left to discuss their options given the information they have received.  They can come to no conclusion by the time the camp settles down to sleep.

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