November 25 (November 15, o.s.)

Mexico/New Mexico: The royal prosecutor, Juan de Escalante y Mendoza, looks over the letter from Diego Trujillo requesting twenty priests for the reconquered portions of New Mexico received by the viceroy the previous day.  He recommends that the viceroy hold off on granting the request until he receives word from Governor Vargas about how many priests he considers necessary.

New Mexico: Governor Vargas and his expedition leave their campsite at the water hole of Magdalena, which has very little water in it, meaning that most of their horses haven’t been able to drink at all.  They march as far as the next water hole, at Los Chupaderos, which is shallow but has more water than Magdalena.  They camp there.

In the evening two messengers arrive at the campsite from Zuni.  They deliver a letter to Vargas from Rafael Téllez Girón, the commander of the men from the expedition who remained camped at Zuni while Vargas and his men went to Hopi.  In the letter he reports various troubles with the Apaches in the area and asks for direction in how to deal with them.  Vargas sends a message in reply that he will be there to help him in a couple of days, since he needs to take some time to let the horses recover from their time in the harsh, dry Hopi country.

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