November 26 (November 16, o.s.)

Mexico/New Mexico: Diego Trujillo, the minister provincial of the Franciscan order in New Mexico, concerned that he has not received a reply from the viceroy to his request on November 24 for twenty priests to be sent to the newly reconquered parts of his province, sends another letter reminding the viceroy that there are only three priests with Governor Vargas on his reconquest expedition, and that even if the priests remaining in El Paso were sent to join them there would still not be enough of them to minister to all the reconquered pueblos (and, in addition, there would be no one to tend to the spiritual needs of the people in El Paso).  He therefore asks that ten or twelve priests be sent immediately, on a wagon train that is about to depart anyway, while the viceroy and his ministers ponder the earlier request.

Juan de Capistrano, the commissary general of Franciscans in Mexico, also sends a letter to the viceroy, informing him of the appointment of Salvador de San Antonio as leader of the order in New Mexico on November 22.  Despite Governor Vargas’s nomination of Francisco de Vargas for that position, subsequently accepted by the viceroy, Capistrano requests that San Antonio be given a chance, especially since Father Vargas has recently built a new mission and is busy getting it going, which Capistrano considers a better thing for him to focus on.

New Mexico: Governor Vargas and his troops leave their campsite at the shallow water hole of Los Chupaderos and continue on their journey.  They stop at the next water hole, El Entretenimiento, to water their exhausted horses.  The hole is deep but narrow, and only four horses can drink from it at one time, with their owners carefully leading them while they do.  This means it takes a very long time for all the horses to drink.

As it gets late and apparent that the expedition will have to camp at El Entretenimiento, Vargas becomes concerned about the situation at Zuni, where the rest of his men are camped, especially in the light of the letter he received the previous day from Rafael Téllez Girón, their commander, indicating recent problems with the Apaches.  He therefore orders his officers to accompany him along with thirty soldiers, to go ahead of the rest of the group to reinforce the men at Zuni as soon as possible.  The rest will be left at the water hole with the animals under the command of Roque Madrid.  They are to follow as soon as practical.

Vargas and his group set out around 9:00 pm on horses that have not been watered.  They proceed as far as a mountain near Zuni, where Vargas decides to camp for the night to rest the horses.

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