November 27 (November 17, o.s.)

Mexico/New Mexico: The royal prosecutor, Juan de Escalante y Mendoza, looks over the letter sent to the viceroy the previous day by Diego Trujillo requesting that ten or twelve priests be sent to New Mexico immediately.  He recommends that the request be sent to the junta of top officials with whom the viceroy decided on November 24 to postpone sending priests until hearing a report from Governor Vargas about the condition of the reconquered territory.  The viceroy accepts this recommendation and schedules a meeting of the junta for the next day.

New Mexico: Governor Vargas and his small group of soldiers leave their campsite at dawn and arrive at Zuni around 9:00 am.  Rafael Téllez Girón, the commander of the Spanish troops camped there, greets them on their arrival and updates the governor on the situation with the Apaches.

Late in the day Roque Madrid arrives with the rest of the men who stayed behind at El Entretenimiento to water their animals.

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