December 2 (November 22, o.s.)

New Mexico: Governor Vargas, noting that the fierce storm that began overnight abates around 8:00 am, orders his men to prepare to leave their campsite at El Morro, taking great care because of the risk of attack by Apaches.  Agustín, the Zuni man who is guiding the group on a more direct route, leads the way as they depart.  He heads to the south, rather than to the east, as the group would go if they were to retrace their outbound route.  From a hill shortly after they set out, Agustín points out several visible mountain ranges, one of which he calls the Sierra Prieta and another the Peña Larga.  He says that there is a settlement of the Colorado Apaches near the latter and that they plant cornfields there.

The expedition proceeds southeast from this hill.  They go through an area of lava flow with many hilly parts until it gets late and Vargas calls a halt for the night on a mountain near the lava flow.  There is no water there, but thanks to the storm there is some snow which helps quench the thirst of both men and horses.

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  1. […] awake at their campsite on the side of a mountain and discover that the Apaches surrounded the camp the previous night and, hidden by the harsh snowstorm, stole 14 horses.  One additional horse is found with a sword […]

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