December 3 (November 23, o.s.)

New Mexico: In the morning Governor Vargas’s troops awake at their campsite on the side of a mountain and discover that the Apaches surrounded the camp the previous night and, hidden by the harsh snowstorm, stole 14 horses.  One additional horse is found with a sword wound so severe that it soon dies.  The Apaches apparently decided not to attack the camp itself after seeing how well-defended it was, so they settled for taking the horses.

Around 9:00 am, after taking stock of the damage, Vargas orders the expedition to break camp and proceed.  Their guide, Agustín, leads them southeast down the mountain, across a plain, and through a vast lava flow.  After the lava flow they reach an area of deep canyons.  Agustín says that they are still some distance from the next water hole, but it is getting late so Vargas calls a halt for the night anyway.

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