December 6 (November 26, o.s.)

New Mexico: At dawn Governor Vargas, frustrated at having to camp without water yet again, orders his men to break camp and prepare to leave in search of a water hole.  He orders the expedition’s Zuni guide, Agustín, to go ahead to reconnoiter the area and find the best route.  Shortly after dawn, when the rest of the men are ready, they and Vargas depart, following Agustín to the southeast.  The route goes generally downhill through an area of mesas and plains dotted with hills.

After a while the group finds a path that has clearly been used much more than the others in the area, which Agustín says must be the way to the water hole.  The expedition therefore follows it down to a wide plain.  After a considerable time traveling across the plain they find a very small spring, with enough water for the men to drink, which they do, but not nearly enough to water the horses.  From a mesa above the water hole the men can see the Ladron and Magdalena mountains off in the distance.

After the men have satisfied their thirst, they continue on their way.  They reach an arroyo with a lot of cottonwood trees in it, but it is dry.  It is getting pretty late by this point, however, and Vargas orders a halt for the night.

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