December 11 (December 1, o.s.)

Jamaica: The Council meets in Port Royal and appoints Thomas Nichols as Attorney General.

New Mexico: Governor Vargas, camped near the abandoned Pueblo of Senecú, decides to send word to the people of El Paso that he is nearby and will be arriving there within a few days. He sends Captain Rafael Téllez Girón with two soldiers to go ahead of the main body of the expedition and arrive at El Paso within three days. They are to deliver letters to the main civil and ecclesiastical authorities there reporting Vargas’s success in the reconquest and estimating that he will arrive at El Paso within nine days. Since the garrison at El Paso has been operating with greatly reduced numbers while most of the province’s soldiers have been on campaign, Vargas figures news of the imminent return of his troops will be welcome to the people there.

After dispatching the messengers, Vargas orders the rest of his men to break camp and continue on their march down the Rio Grande.  They head for Fray Cristóbal through a stretch of road within any known permanent water holes, but they figure that there may be some places where water has collected from the recent storms.  After marching all day they camp at a place in the lowlands within sight of a hill beyond which is Fray Cristóbal.

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