December 20 (December 10, o.s.)

Massachusetts: Samuel Ray of Salem posts a bond of fifty pounds for the release from jail of Dorothy Good, whose mother Sarah Good was executed for witchcraft on July 19 and who has herself confessed to being a witch, pending trial by the new Supreme Court of Judicature.

New Mexico: Governor Vargas and his troops arrive at El Paso around 11:00 am.  All the civil and ecclesiastical authorities come to greet him, as do most of the citizens.  His first act upon arriving is to go to the church of Our Lady of Guadalupe to give thanks to the Virgin Mary for her assistance in making his expedition so successful.  He then goes to the plaza, dismounts, and asks his lieutenant governor, Luis Granillo, about the recent trouble with the Apaches.  Granillo reports that they raided twice and took twenty horses and some cattle, but aside from that things had been quiet for the whole four months Vargas was on campaign.  Vargas is relieved to hear this.

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