December 27 (December 17, o.s.)

New Mexico: Father Francisco Corvera, the Franciscan missionary who accompanied Governor Diego de Vargas on his reconquest expedition and was granted authority over the missions to Acoma, Zuni and Hopi, approaches the governor in El Paso and asks for the religious paraphernalia found by the expedition at Zuni on November 11 and brought to El Paso to be reconsecrated.  Vargas agrees to do so, and gathers his chief ministers and the newly appointed leader of the missions in the reconquered territories, Father Salvador de San Antonio, as witnesses to the formal delivery of the articles to Corvera.  The hand-off is duly performed and witnessed, and Vargas mentions to San Antonio in the course of it that he promised to return the items to the Zunis once the reconsecration was complete.

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