October 19 (October 9, o.s.)

New Mexico: Governor Vargas leaves from his campsite at the abandoned Pueblo of Galisteo and proceeds to the Pueblo of San Marcos, which he finds is also abandoned but with many of the walls still standing.  He only pauses briefly there before moving on to Santo Domingo Pueblo, where he finds the artillery captain he sent there on October 16.  Also at Santo Domingo is the Keres man Vargas sent on September 26 with a message for Antonio Malacate, leader of the Keres people from Zia Pueblo who left there and are living at Santa Ana Pueblo.  He reports that Malacate is ill and unable to come to Santo Domingo himself, but that he is happy that the Spanish are coming and has sent a literate Spanish-speaker cantor named Francisco to greet the governor on his behalf.  Vargas gives Francisco a cross and a rosary and sends him with a message to the people of the Pueblos of San Felipe and Cochiti who have left their homes and gone to the Pueblo of Cieneguilla on the other side of the mountains.  The message is that the leaders of the pueblos should come to Santo Domingo to meet with Vargas, and that the people should then return to their homes so that he can pardon them.  Francisco departs for Cieneguilla with the man who brought the initial message to Malacate and another Keres man named Bartolo.

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  1. […] Francisco, who Governor Vargas sent with a message to the people hiding at Cieneguilla Pueblo the previous day, returns to Vargas’s camp at Santo Domingo Pueblo around 5:00 pm and reports that the leaders […]

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